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How does KODAKOne work?

1. Get Started.

Get started with your personal Client Manager and securely upload your images to our portal. Our system instantly starts searching for your images online.

2. Case Curation.

Our Case Managers take the burden off your shoulders – we go through all our findings and only present you viable cases for you to approve.  
Be in full control over your cases by easily managing them on our platform. 

3. Post-Licensing.

Post-Licensing is a new developed service by KODAKOne achieving settlements for non-authorized image users online without lawyers, legal dispute or additional legal costs. 

The moment you classify an image use as unlicensed, we approach the image user in a friendly manner by offering a Post-Licensing agreement. Our aim is to license the past use of your images and build up new business relations for you. 

4. Get Rewarded.

KODAKOne runs entirely on a revenue share model, which means there is absolutely no financial risk or upfront costs for you.

We only get paid, when you do. 

Damien Lovegrove

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

“I love the fact that I’m not faced with hundreds of weak matches to sort through. It’s also lovely to have payments arriving in my bank account. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Jürgen Horn

Travel Bloggers, For91Days

“I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years, but had almost entirely forgotten the true value of my own work, until joining KodakOne. They’re protecting the assets I’ve produced in the past, and for the first time in a long time, allowing me to feel excited by my future as a photographer. I love working with their incredible team — they’re friendly, communicative, and have made the entire licensing process very easy to understand. And I know that I can trust them to keep my best interests in mind, while representing me.”

Ken Schluchtmann​

Architectural and Commercial Photographer

Dear KODAKOne team, the best thing working with you is that you are really helping me getting my rights and that you are such a great, trustful and sensible team and working with you is great fun for me.”

Gudrun Wronski


We help our international clients, supporting them with complicated image licensing requests in all aspects of rights clearances. KODAKOne has made our life so much easier by providing us with an easy way of monitoring the illegal use of images and reaching out on behalf of our clients where there is unlicensed use.”

Photo by Peter von Felbert / Unveiled.art

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