© David Clode

The KODAKOne Platform monitors and protects copyright imagery online. Wherever the platform detects an unlicensed picture usage we offer a friendly and pragmatic approach to help ensure the content creators get paid fairly for their work. We believe that by licensing images properly we all help to keep creativity alive.

We seek to apply our technology and legal knowledge with an approach that is reasonable to help content owners get paid fairly for their work and help turn infringers into clients by avoiding unnecessary legal charges.

© Tim Gouw

First of all, you will receive an email from us with simple instructions explaining what to do next. You will then be directed to the KODAKOne Post-Licensing Portal where you can easily obtain retroactive license for the usage and ensure that you can legally continue to use the image for as long as needed.

Last but not least, provided you have purchased a license for the past use, with KODAKOne you will not be charged any additional services fees or legal costs.

Currently as many as 85% of images published online are unlicensed. We believe it’s in everyone’s interests to keep creativity alive.

Our technology will help to legalise image infringement in the future and compensate creators fairly with an even-handed approach.

The KODAKOne Post-Licensing Platform offers a simple step-by-step process to buy, store and manage retroactive image post-licenses, current image licensing and avoid unnecessary legal disputes and costs.