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Coin of the realm
for the image economy


The KODAKCoin Tokens & KODAKOne Platform Marketplace

The KODAKOne platform will combine our blockchain-based smart licensing and smart contracts, enabling highly automated and transparent license documentation for all images. We put images through a “legal cleaning” process that enhances the image and appeals to potential buyers, who are assured they will not violate licensing agreements. With KODAKCoin tokens, payments will happen instantaneously and there will be no need for currency conversions between different countries.

Easy Accounting and Real-Time Royalty Statements

We plan to dramatically simplify the accounting process through the KODAKOne platform, enabling copyright holders to generate royalty statements in real time. The platform will function as a “police officer,” enabling any infringements to be quickly monetized. Our post-licensing platform identifies violations and provides simplified legal proceedings and automated preservation of evidence.

KODAKOne Platform Community Marketplace

Need equipment for your next photo shoot? Photographers and agencies will be able to use the KODAKCoin token they’ve earned to purchase cameras, software, studio time, airfare, hotel rooms and other products and services. We also plan for the KODAKOne platform marketplace to offer “kickstarter” opportunities for startups and service providers. Ultimately, we’re creating a sustainable, trustworthy token-based community for the global image economy supply chain – including photographers, buyers of images and image-related intellectual property and rights holders at all levels.

New Markets
Opening Up

It’s still very early for blockchain and crypto applications in photography (and in general), but it’s clear to us the opportunities are out there. Through the KODAKOne platform, we’re building partnerships with individuals, businesses and others to help grow vibrant, diverse image markets and make KODAKCoin token the “coin of the realm” for the world’s image economy. We’re making big plans, so please keep tabs on us for more news.