12 million people are knocking on our door

29. August 2019

Dear KODAKOne enthusiasts,

first of all: Thank you for being so patient for the last couple of weeks!

A lot has happened since our announcement in February and I want to provide some insights into all the incredible things that happened and are happening right now. In a nutshell: We made some great progress!

We made it! Our ICO is fully compliant under US-Security-Law and we hit our first targets

We have officially launched our SAFT offering and we are excited about all the commitments over the last weeks. After months of hard work behind the scenes, we are fully compliant under US-Security-Law and our offering is well on its way.

We have reached our financial targets both in our Pre-ICO I and II. Our $1 SAFT offering round will remain open until the launch of our platform.

If you have any questions around our offering, please check out our Cointopia page, where you’ll find all relevant information. If your question hasn’t been answered there, feel free to contact us directly: investors@kodakone.com.

We will soon launch a podcast to give you the opportunity to chat with our management.

Working with millions of fans around the world

We have spent the last few months working hard on developing our platform both in terms of technology and in expanding our partnerships.

Our strategic and innovative partnerships are geared around 5 key company pillars: photographers and agencies, sports & entertainment, individual/talent rights, large image archives and technology. The main objective is to drive user adoption for the KODAKOne platform and provide a valuable ecosystem for the KODAKCoin token.

We have already signed our first two major partnerships. You might have read about it in the news. The first one is with the Oak View Group (OVG) and six NBA, NHL and concert arenas. The second and most recent one with two time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso.  The objective behind both deals is to drive fan engagement and content creation while at the same time allowing the rights holders to gain more control over their images and their personal IP.  

With over 10 million spectators a year, the OVG Arena Alliance partnership provides a perfect platform to showcase the capabilities of our platform. Sports fans and event spectators take millions of photos and videos at live events every year. Through our platform, the arenas will be able to drive fan engagement and content creation while at the same time gaining more control over the images that are being taken. Arena spectators will be able to upload, register and protect their in-venue photos and videos using the platform’s blockchain technology and be rewarded for doing so. Empowering millions of arena spectators to use our KODAKOne platform and use the KODAKCoin token within their respective arenas will ultimately drive the value of the overall platform. 

Our partnership with Fernando Alonso represents a perfect use case of how we are building our services around global talent and individual rights. We will be securing Alonso’s personal and professional image archive. Alonso will also be able to provide millions of fans around the world with an additional platform to further engage with him during events by incentivizing them to upload, register and protect their images via the KODAKOne platform. In certain instances, fans will be rewarded by gaining increased access to Alonso’s personal products and services around his brand.  

A lot more partnerships are in the making. We are looking forward to share more about those very soon.

The development of our platform is right on time

When it comes to the development of our platform, we currently have more than 30 engineers working on the development and its required services across six teams: Blockchain, Backend, Platform, Big Data, Data Science, and Integrations. We are making great progress in all teams and we are hiring more talented people constantly.

We expect to launch the Beta version of our platform at the end of 2018. If you want to dive into the more technical details of how the platform will work,make sure to read the latest development update from our CIO Volker Brendel.

As you can see: There’s so much happening, so…

Talk to you very soon!

Jan and the KODAKOne team